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Inspiring Student Testimonials



"Joining the Woodstock Middle School Public Speaking program was one of the most important decisions I ever made. Participating in this program, as well as in other WEF funded activities such as History Day and Math Olympiad, helped me to develop the necessary skills and self-confidence to excel both in and out of school. I am grateful to WEF for supporting the programs that have helped prepare me for success in high school, college, and beyond."

Brendan Chapuis, The Woodstock Academy, Class of 2018; Harvard College, Class of 2022 



"When I first came to Woodstock Middle School, I was very shy and had few friends. Programs funded by WEF, such as Public Speaking and the drama club, helped me gain confidence and friendships with people I wouldn't have normally talked to. Moreover, these programs helped me learn ways to properly present myself and act professionally." 

Isabella Miller, The Woodstock Academy Class of  2022 



"When I came to Woodstock Middle School in 5th grade I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after school. Then I heard about Public Speaking, which by the way is the best club, and I joined having do idea what to expect. Now that I am starting high school I am beyond grateful for the Public Speaking program for giving me skills that I will very much need one day when I take over Broadway with my new hit musical, "Totally Thomas". I hope that this program will continue to be an amazing experience for students." 

Thomas Musumeci, The Woodstock Academy Class of 2022 




“I am grateful for the opportunities from the Woodstock Education Foundation that granted my growth as a leader in many programs at The Woodstock Academy. In middle school I challenged myself to become a better and more confident speaker in public speaking, drama club, and with my participation in History Day. All these programs have led me to be a leader in volleyball, music, and drama, and have allowed myself to go beyond my limits to achieve great things."

Samantha Orlowski, The Woodstock Academy Class of 2019 




"Few words are able to bring justice to the immeasurable impact Woodstock Middle School Public Speaking Club has had on my academic and social life. Through Public Speaking, Mrs. O’Hara and her team demonstrate the importance of leadership, confidence, and oratory. Each of these skills are emphasized and exemplified in high school and beyond. I am profoundly grateful to the Woodstock Middle School Public Speaking Club for setting me on the path I am on today."

Ethan Werstler, Woodstock Academy, Class of 2018


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