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Grants in Action: SmartMusic App Supports Music Program



The Woodstock Education Foundation (the "WEF") recently approved funding for  the SmartMusic App via a grant submitted by Mrs. Sawamura in support of the music program for grades 6-8 at Woodstock Middle School.

SmartMusic is an App for student musicians that includes innovative tools to support students' independent practice and learning on their instruments. With SmartMusic, students are able to play at home with the sound of the full band, record and listen back to their own playing, visually assess their pitch and rhythmic accuracy via note highlights provided in real time, and click on individual notes or measures that give them trouble in order to both hear the music and view notes/fingerings where they're uncertain.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SmartMusic was offered free to all educators last spring. WMS students spent three months learning to use the SmartMusic practice tools, submit recordings for teacher assessment, and explore the vast library of music made available to them for student-centered musical learning. The titles available include pop music, movie, music and classical music with a wide range of difficulties, so all students can find music that both interests them and suits their level of ability. 

Band is a program whose excitement depends so heavily on interacting with one another and creating music in the ensemble setting, so this time of distance learning, SmartMusic provides so many ways for students to remain engaged and excited about their instruments, and continues to improve their skills while at home learning.

Thanks to the distribution of district-wide ipads, all band students can download the SmartMusic App and have access at home and in school. 

Learn more about the SmartMusic App at www.smartmusic.com

The WEF is proud to support educational enrichment for students at Woodstock Public Schools.

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