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Welcome to the Woodstock Education Foundation.  The Woodstock Education Foundation (WEF) is a volunteer organization formed by parents and community members concerned about preserving important school programs. The WEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, organized in 2005 and governed by a Board of Directors.

Our Mission: The mission of the Woodstock Education Foundation is to broaden the sphere of learning for Woodstock students by fostering partnerships that provide resources to expand the reach of the PreK-8 public school experience.

Woodstock Education Foundation Vision Statement: The Woodstock Education Foundation is a committed and exemplary force for the support of quality education in the town of Woodstock by:

  1. Providing consistent independent financial resources that facilitate and support educational initiatives that fall outside of the school budget
  2. Developing community wide support toward achieving our mission through collaborative engagement and partnering with our public schools, our students, parents, teachers and school administrators, local government, community members and businesses
  3. Building a trusted reputation as an organized, informed and responsible advocate for education in our community so that we can attract volunteers and abundant donations to help reach our mission
  4. Supporting programs that inspire the student’s lifelong love for learning
  5. Recognizing excellence in teaching by providing grants that inspire teacher innovation and creativity
  6. Working diligently to be informed about the best and latest research on educational practices so that our investments are allocated to where they will have the greatest impact
  7. Enhancing Woodstock’s reputation as a preferred community in which to educate and live
  8. Providing a model for other communities seeking to promote educational excellence through independent financial resources




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